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Volkstanzfest 2015

Adelaide's Bavarian dancers, the Bund der Bayern Inc., had the pleasure to be hosting the recent Volkstanzfest in Adelaide and Hahndorf from 3 - 6 April 2015.


Many thanks to everyone who attended the event. We had a ball! Here is what the attendees had to say:


"The entire event was fantastic"

"I really appreciated the arrangements made for the children"

"I enjoyed the whole event tremendously"

"This was my first Volkstanzfest and I was very impressed with the organisation that went into making it a first class event. The whole atmospere was very positive and enjoyable from the first instant. People were happy to share any information whether it be about dances, music, costumes etc."

"Congratulations to Reinhard and the Bund der Bayern for organising a fantastic Weekend for us.10 out 10"

"Hats off to all the people who did the work to make this festival one of top 3 of all time"


We look forward to seeing everyone again at the Volkstanzfest 2017 at the Harmonie German Club in Canberra!


Please find the program for the event at the bottom of the page.





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