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The Bund der Bayern has formed many alliances and relationships over years of community engagement. We are proud of our association with:

The German Club


The South Australian German Association (German Club) was established in 1886. Our aim is to promote, encourage and foster German language, culture, habits and social life in Australia.

Empire Liquor


“To be sought out as the wholesale beverage distributor of choice by leading wine and beer brands.”

Para Hills Community Club


The Para Hills Community Club’s objectives are to promote, support and encourage its members and members of the local community to participate in and have appreciation of the fields of Sport, Music, Arts and Literature all of which promote a healthy attitude to community participation and awareness. We have worked strongly within our Community in the past few years to ensure our message is understood in the local and broader community.

School for the German Language

The School for the German Language Inc. is a community school operating in Adelaide, South Australia. Community schools are not-for-profit, after-hours language schools and not part of the regular school system. It is almost certainly the first ethnic school in South Australia and maintains a reputation as one of the most respected in Adelaide.

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