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What others say about our performances:

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU - all I have heard from feed-back this morning is that you and your 'team' were amazing and extremely entertaining." (Corporate Customer, October 2012)


"Oh my goodness! [...] You're an absolute gem and I look forward to working with you guys in the new year."(Channel 10 News Reporter, December 2012)


"Thank you for your act. It was the Best German Dances (sic) I have ever seen." (Student of Norton Summit Primary School, October 2012)


"The dance style is energetic and colourful with men wearing Lederhosen and half socks and women wearing blue or red skirts [..] - it is a great spectacle which sometimes borders on acrobatic." (The Week-Ender Herald, 11 Jan 2013)


“Thanks so much for organising the dancers and Adrian. They were fantastic, heaps of fun and a great bunch of people. (The guys were a bit of a hit with the girls at the party lol). They made it very special for me, please thank them for me once again!!”(Carolyn Patton, Salisbury Heights, April 2013)


“Yes the crowd enjoyed the night and your guys certainly were a great part of creating the atmosphere.” (Angelka Hislop, The Taxation Insitute, May 2013)


“Top job you guys were excellent and it's plain to see everyone had a fantastic time!!” (Elisa Secker (Manager), The Hilton Hotel, Oct 2013)


"Your professionalism, enthusiasm, and energy in which you and yur colleague delievered your performance, and the manner in which you engaged our students was exceptional." (Anthony Farina, Nazareth Catholic College, Sept 2014)

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