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History of the Volkstanzfest



In 1977 the very first Volkstanzfest was held in Adelaide in the club rooms of the “SAADV” (“The GermanClub”) at 223 Flinders St, Adelaide. Until now, the VTF has been hosted at different clubs by different groups, at times attracting more than 20 participating groups from all over Australia.


The festival has beenheld throughout as the decades as shown below:

  • 1977: Adelaide

  • 1978: Brisbane

  • 1979: Perth

  • 1981: Adelaide

  • 1983: Newcastle

  • 1985: Melbourne

  • 1987: Brisbane

  • 1989: Perth

  • 1991: Adelaide

  • 1993: Sydney

  • 1995: Melbourne

  • 1997: Brisbane

  • 1999: Newcastle

  • 2001: Perth

  • 2003: Adelaide

  • 2005: Melbourne

  • 2007: Canberra

  • 2009: Brisbane

  • 2011: Frenchs Forrest

  • 2013: Sydney

  • 2015: Adelaide


Over the years the tradition and culture have been passed on from generation to generation. The spirit and determination to continue is as strong as it ever was, even though there are fewer groups performing now. As new groups may be established throughout Australia, these will be approached by the hosting group (where they become known to this group) to check if they are interested in participating at Volkstanzfests as well. The festival thus provides an ideal opportunity to support and strengthen any newly developing groups, who are given the chance to network and to draw on the experiences of established groups.

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